The Railway

steetonstation1Again taking advantage of the Aire gap, the railway came to the area in September 1847. Steeton stationmaster’s house being the grand building to the south-east of the old level crossing. In 1891-2 the station was enlarged with a new station building situated to the Skipton side of the road and the Silsden side of the railway line; diagonally opposite the station master’s house. Before the alterations for the trunk road in 1990, the road from Steeton to Silsden had no bridge for cars, which had to use a level crossing.

In 1943 a train crash occurred at Steeton. The Leedssteetonstation2-Edinburgh express train collided with a freight train being shunted into a siding at Steeton. The scene of destruction lay along 200 yards of track on either side of the level crossing. The express engine and first carriage were lying on their sides across the level crossing being on top of 10 wagons of the freight train, which were smashed to pieces. Two wagons were thrown into the garden of the station-master’s house. No one was killed, but four people were injured, though not seriously.

With the “Beeching Cuts”, around 1965 the station was closed and the station building became an office for a second-hand car dealer.

The current Steeton and Silsden railway station was opened in 1990.